…old pirates, yes, they rob I….

Greeted all as you entered through the gates of Emancipation Park; nyabingi drummers, people selling books, juices…the place is buzzing with all type of activity, people everywhere, and from all walks of life.

“…everybody report to the main screen, need all the hands we can get” words of co-worker Romearo bringing us back to reality from all the bustle buzzing around us. “Its time to put up the main screen”. Yup, another day on the job! To the outside world, you have the coolest job, to us…its hard work, long hours, then …wait for it…we do have a cool job.

“Here’s your mission if you choose to accept it” oops wrong movie that’s mission impossible. Today we are working at Emancipation Park, Kingston Jamaica for the world premiere of “Marley” directed by Kevin MacDonald. Sounds cool. Multiple screens throughout the park , which includes a 24ft Screen, a couple of 15k projectors in the mix, playback Movie from Blue Ray. We got this covered!

Stepping out of work mode for just a bit “…affairs of the heart” thats our jam, biggest song by Damion Marley . Looking around, this is by far the biggest cultural event most of the “present” day Phase Three crew have had the pleasure of working on. People streaming in like ants.

The DVD arrives minutes before, I think cool, this is THE WORLD PREMIERE of the music, life and legacy of reggae icon Bob Marley. Off topic, I still believe if it was not for Bob Marley Jamaica would not be on the map. Another co-worker hands me a this new drink called Marley’s Mellow Mood, and Ladies and Gentlemen, all systems are go, time to press PLAY sit back and enjoy the movie.

“It is mentioned of in the bible, that there shall be a music that all people shall play, and dance, and listen…what other music would that be….REGGAE”-Bunny Wailer. Emancipation Park erupts with loud applauses. Throughout the movie the crowd sings a long ever so often “Bend down low…..”

The movie makes us feel proud, proud to be Jamaican, proud of our culture-the services we offer has contributed tremendously to this and as Bob Said “…this is my identity” and when you stand up watching all the screens in the park , we at Phase Three can relate to this….this is our identity. This is what and who we are about.