Spotlight on Delano Forbes, CEO of Phase 3 productions

Originally published in Jamaica Observer – April 14, 2024.

DELANO Forbes is a production mogul who spearheads one of Jamaica’s leading television and multimedia production companies, Phase 3 Productions. Founded by his parents, the company served as Forbes’ playground throughout his younger years. Having grown up in the family business, he has successfully taken over the reins as chief executive officer, following the passing of his father Richard Forbes. With an extensive knowledge of production, owing to his extensive exposure to the industry, coupled with his years of studies at NYU Film School and Florida International University, and his abundance of professional experiences; he brings a modern perspective to the daily operations of the business.

Q: How would you describe your leadership style?

A: I would describe my leadership style as primarily democratic. It is important for one to value the input of all team members when making decisions. In order for businesses to grow, we have to grant our employees the autonomy to carry out tasks, empowering them to take initiative and make decisions independently. This also allows them to learn and develop their skills, and sharpen their decision-making abilities, which will positively impact their life outside of work. I trust in their ability to contribute effectively towards achieving our common objectives and staying true to the company’s vision, so that we continue to grow and achieve more milestones.

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