Flow Super Cup

The day Jamaicans dreamed and hoped for finally arrived. Multiple schoolboy Champions league matches held in three different locations broadcasted and aired and fit for international showcase. The Flow Super Cup was here again.


The Super Cup is a fairly new schoolboy football competition that combines 16 teams –eight each from the Manning and Dacosta Cup Competitions to compete for an ultimate prize of one million dollars and the Flow Super Cup trophy. The Flow Super Cup was happening for the second year and Flow pulled out all the stops to ensure that Super Cup 2015 lived up to its name.

However, in my view, this Super Cup wouldn’t be quite as super without the services that Phase 3 Productions provided. The partnership with Flow, in tandem with their advertising agency, Ad Mark, brought forth a truly successful endeavor. In my eyes as an intern, the planning and execution was second to none.

In addition to multi-camera coverage in HD format, the Phase Three Production team provided live streaming of all football matches from different locations – The National Stadium and Sabina Park in Kingston and Catherine Hall, MoBay. The matches also aired live on free to air TV station, CVM TV, as well as cable channel Flow 100. This was unprecedented broadcast of local football across so many platforms.

On the first day of matches all hands were on deck to pull off the first ever multi location football matchup in Jamaica with 3 matches aired live on TV, back to back on the same afternoon. I was on the team stationed at Sabina Park. The production team was excited and the atmosphere electric. TV history was being created.

Phase 3 - Flow Supercup-162615

In a move, never before executed in Jamaica, Phase Three configured its Studio 45 facilities to receive and then feed-out the live signals from the various locations to multiple distribution outlets. Hosts and analysts set up in Studio 45 anchored the various matches, with pre-game shows, half-time discussions and post match analysis.

Then too, there were Super Cup weekly shows which provided highlights of the previous week’s matches, major plays, goals and notable moments. This helped to raise awareness of the Super Cup since it is still a young competition, compared to the Manning and Dacosta Cup.

The Road to the Flow Super Cup Tour was shot, produced and edited by the Phase Three team and aired within the Pre Show, hosted by Ian Andrews. The tour featured the football teams of Jamaica College, Clarendon College, St George’s College and St Elizabeth Technical High School.

After the Pre Show there was the Flow Super Cup Draw where the Phase Three team provided full outside broadcast services, supplying CVM TV with a live feed and streaming the happenings live online.

No other football competition had the hype of Flow Super Cup as fans showed up in their numbers at every single match and those who couldn’t make it had the best seat wherever they were, as Phase Three fed the best of the live happenings to their television and computer screens.

The intensive and extensive production work paid huge dividends as the number of fans and patrons grew and the hype and intensity of the matchups soared. From the features that gave a backstory, to the fantastic St. George’s College vs Jamaica College final, to the hosts and analysts that made it come alive, Flow Super Cup was like pure magic.

Social media was abuzz as our editors created videos for Instagram and Facebook. Live tweeting during matches was effectively executed by Ad Mark. The use of new media kept Flow Super Cup in the public’s mind.

The beauty of the production of Flow Super Cup was not only its technical prowess but also how everyone involved contributed to the overall success of the project – the client Flow, the ad agency Ad Mark, the production house Phase Three and its entire team.

Everyone involved was proud of the project and Phase Three Productions is pleased to have been afforded the opportunity to be an instrumental part in making the Flow Super Cup a success.

Written by Candi Rookwood – Intern