Case Study

International Organization of Securities (IOSCO)

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Phase 3 Productions provided support for the International Organization of Securities Conference at the Montego Bay Convention Center in Jamaica, delivering a seamless experience for attendees. Tasked with providing simultaneous interpretation and audio-visual production, Phase 3 ensured flawless communication and engagement throughout the event.

The team deployed 350 IR receivers and 250 discussion microphones to facilitate multilingual discussions, ensuring all participants could contribute effectively. The visual experience was enhanced with 2mm LED screens, delivering crystal-clear presentations. PA system and professional broadcast lighting were provided for the event, ensuring clarity and visibility for both in-person and remote attendees.

Additionally, Phase 3’s live streaming capabilities extended the conference’s reach, allowing global participation. This comprehensive support underscored Phase 3’s expertise in managing large-scale international conferences, providing an unparalleled attendee experience.