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Phase 3 Productions
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    About Us
    • Phase Three Productions Limited is a leading television and multi-media production company that specializes in multi-camera coverage of corporate, sporting and entertainment events in 4K & High Definition format, as well as LIVE streaming and other support services such as set-up of LED Screens at events. Phase Three invests heavily in cutting-edge technologies in order to be globally competitive. It also invests in training and keeping its staff and cadre of key freelancers abreast of new communication technologies that are of relevance to the media and its related industries. Support services for international crews and overseas media, including equipment rental and logistical solutions, are an important part of Phase Three’s suite of services. Family-owned and operated, this 30 + years old Jamaican company is committed to the growth and development of the media and creative industries in this island and the wider Caribbean. The company offers summer internships for students from Jamaica’s leading Universities as well as teenagers keen to enter the television industry.
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    Our Mission
    • Phase Three Productions is a leading television and multimedia production company that invests in training and developing its team and using relevant technologies to unlock new value, enhance its work, delight clients and thereby ensure repeat business and financial growth.
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    Our Vision
    • The primary thrust of Phase Three Productions is to provide world-class multimedia services and Television/Film/Video content for global consumption, available to audiences anywhere, any time and via any viewing device, whether delivered live or delayed.

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Delano Forbes

The breadth and depth of Richard Delano Forbes Jnr’s knowledge of production, belie his relatively youthful years.


Dr. Marcia Forbes

Dr. Marcia Forbes, co-founder and co-owner of Phase Three Productions Limited, is a balanced blend of business woman and academician.