National Broadcasts

  • National Broadcasts

Going as far back as the 1980s and providing service to the then only television station on the island, the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation TV (JBC TV), Phase 3 has been instrumental in the coverage of state visits to the island. Dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela (just before he became President of South Africa), President Regan and President Fidel Castro have been covered by Phase 3.

Today, even in a multi TV station market and numerous cable operators, Phase 3 continues to provide host broadcast services for the annual conferences of two main political parties in Jamaica. Phase 3 has excellent working relationships with the national television stations and regularly provides services to them for major events.

Jamaica Jubilee Host Broadcast Facilities

In celebration of Jamaicaโ€™s 50th year as an independent nation, the Government commissioned Phase Three to serve as Host Broadcaster for the series of events that were showcased to local and international audiences.

A Master Control Centre was set up at the Jubilee Village located just outside of the National Stadium and National Area and ran 48hrs of content, both live and recorded, specially produced for the celebratory event. This master control hub also brought in live signals from the London 2012 Olympics at which the Jamaican athletes held centre stage. Thousands of viewers at multiple locations throughout Jamaica watched the broadcast on large LED screens set up in 14 major Town squares across the country.

This is a project that we are particularly proud of, not only for its scale of coordination and technicality with all the key stake holders but also for its cultural and patriotic significance.