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8 Jun, 2015

Futsal Stream at Phase 3

TV is awesome! Television is a significant development in broadcast communication because of its ability to bring a message that is enhanced with image and audio to an audience. Clearly, this is very convenient because otherwise we would all have to leave the comfort of our homes, and let’s face it, sometimes beds, in order […]

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1 May, 2015

I am a PowHERhouse

Video edited 30th, April, 2015

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16 Sep, 2012

Phase Three at 30 Celebrates Jamaica at 50

A Full-Service Multimedia Production Company! What exactly does Phase 3 do? Delano Forbes, CEO of Phase Three Productions, gets asked this often. Sometimes he’s stumped. What aspect of the company’s services should he feature? Will they believe if he highlights the company’s diverse digital production services, multi-media facilities, numerous television programmes, music videos and TV commercials, in addition to equipment and […]

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9 Aug, 2012

Phase 3 Celebrates our Jubilee!

Happy belated Independence, everyone! And what an Independence it was! For the past few weeks, the crew at Phase 3 Productions was stationed at the Jamaica 50 Golden Jubilee Village in the Independence Park Complex. Considered the “soul and pulse” of the Jamaica 50 celebrations, the events at Jubilee Village ran from August 1st to […]

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7 Aug, 2012

Jubilation for Phase 3 at Jamaica50 Jubilee Village

Team Work Pays Off Delano Forbes is coy. That, plus he’s very tired. It has been a gruelling period for him. His focus was on “getting the job done and getting it right”. Unquestionably, it is his guidance and leadership that took the team through the week of August 1st to 6th. The other members […]

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12 Jul, 2012

Tips for a Dynamic Documentary

People often say that a good movie can change the way you see things by successfully presenting the world through another person’s eyes. This is especially true for documentaries. Documentaries are especially powerful because they seek to tell stories of real life, shattering stereotypes along the way. At Phase 3, we believe that the stories […]

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